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Your baby! Tests offered

Previously known as "Your Guide to Newborn Screening Tests".

For babies screened on or after 20th March 2017

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You're pregnant! - Scans and tests

This booklet explains the screening and diagnostic tests you can have in pregnancy.

Previously known as "Your guide to screening tests during pregnancy".

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Ready Steady Toddler

2017 edition   Available in pre-packed boxes of THIRTY FIVE (or loose copies if required)

A hands on guide for parents as they experience the changes their child goes through when they leave the baby stage behind and become an inquisitive and demanding toddler. With a practical problem-solving approach, this invaluable resource has sections on understanding a toddler’s behaviour and ways of tackling new challenges. DUE TO THIS PUBLICATION BEING AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITIES WE WOULD PREFER IT IF THIS PUBLICATION WAS ORDERED FOR HEALTH VISITOR / PRACTICE NURSE DISTRIBUTION ONLY - THIS PUBLICATION IS DESIGNED TO BE GIVEN OUT AT AROUND THE TIME OF THE 13th MONTH IMMUNISATION INJECTION.

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Ready Steady Baby (Revised 2017) (With Breastfeeding folder)

2017 edition   Available in pre-packed boxes of TEN (or loose copies) with June 2016 Rubella information update (p36)

A guide to pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Available to Midwives and associated professions only.

Also available in Polish and Arabic.  Please contact NHS Grampian’s Equality and Diversity department:


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Diabetes and Smoking - Cessation Guide ( NHS Grampian)

This leaflets is for diabetics who also smoke tobacco. It will provide you with information on why stopping smoking is important when suffering from diabetes as well as what support is available to help you stop.

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Babies top safety tips - for parents and carers

Every day lots of babies are rushed to hospital because they've been hurt in accidents. Most of the accidents happen at home because that's where babies spend most of their time.

Find out how you can keep your baby out of danger.

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PLEASE NOTE: A majority of NHS Grampian publications we supply promote the local healthline number.  Due to an OFCOM ruling this has had to change to 08085 20 20 30.  Due to the huge number of publications involved we cannot immediately change the number ourselves.  Please only order these publications in small quantities so that outdated material is not in circulation for a long period of time.  A redirect on the number only exists until the beginning of June 2017.  The change also affects the number for the Smoking Advice Service and therefore publications that promote it.